Unicorns Magic Painting Book


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Just add water and colour appears!
  • Builds creative confidence
  • Mess-free art
  • Paintbrush included

Add colour to these lovely unicorns and the magical lands they inhabit with just water!

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Wave your paintbrush and discover enchanting unicorns with this water painting book!

Just apply water to the black and white illustrations with your paintbrush and watch as a rainbow of colours burst into the detailed scenes. Unicorns, winged pegasus and all manner of magical horses will gallop into life with vibrant colours. A handy built-in flap page ensures that water doesn’t seep into the book. This is a really simple art activity that improves fine motor skills and is great for building confidence in young children.

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 25 × 220 × 10 mm