Wooden Handled Skipping Rope


Suggested Age:  3+

25 + in stock

  • Classic, high-quality skipping rope
  • Unscrew handle to adjust the length
  • Measures 275cm including handles
  • Enhance balance and co-ordination

Learn to skip with this Wooden Handled Skipping Rope. Kids skipping ropes enhance balance, coordination, concentration and keep children active.

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Learn to skip with this classic Wooden Handled Skipping Rope.

Skipping enhances balance, coordination and concentration as well as engaging children on a physical level. This traditional skipping rope measures 275cm including handles. The length of the rope can be adjusted by unscrewing the handle. The manufacturer recommends 3+ but we feel that due to the coordination required 6+ is more accurate. Colours may vary.

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 160 mm