Spot The Difference – Wildlife


Suggested Age:  6+
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  • Spot 6 differences between the 2 scenes
  • How many can you recall?
  • Scenes depict animals from all over the world
  • Play alone or against others
  • Develops visual discrimination, concentration and memory

A spot the difference game! But can you remember what you’ve spotted afterwards? You’ll need to be fast to win this highly visual challenge! 

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Spot the Difference – In the Wild is a new twist on the classic BrainBox game.

There are four versions of every wildlife scene. To begin, players choose two and then have 30 seconds to spot all differences between the images. When the time is up, they pass the cards to the next player and roll the dice. The number they roll is how many differences they need to describe from memory. If you can remember the difference then you keep the card – The person with the most cards wins! Play for 10 minutes or work your way through the whole pack. You’ll need to bring your speedy eyeballs and fast recall to this highly visual challenge for all the family.

Weight 490 g
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 120 mm

48 x double-sided cards

1 x 6-sided die

1 x 30-second sand timer