Cauldron Quest Co-operative Board Game


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • A collaborative game that pits players against magical powers.
  • Work together to find the hidden ingredients before the wizard blocks the paths
  • Helps develop communication and cooperation
  • Promotes the development of strategic skills, deduction,

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The evil wizard has cast a spell to destroy the kingdom!

You have the power to create a potion to break the spell, but you must work together! Find the hidden ingredients before the wizard blocks all of the paths and you win! Anything can happen when the evil wizard is in charge. Children love casting spells and swapping potion bottles to keep the game alive. While working together, players use strategy, and problem solving. Box includes: 6 x potion bottles, 6 x cauldron ingredient tokens, 6 x wizard tokens, 1 x wizard hat with stand, 1 x spell-breaker token, 2 x action dice, 1 x game board, 3 x magic dice and instructions.

Weight 610 g
Dimensions 270 × 270 mm

£15 – £20