EurekaKids Palaeontology T-Rex Dino Kit


Suggested Age:  6+
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  • Become a paleontologist at home!
  • Use the chisel and hammer to excavate!
  • Construct a T-rex model to display
  • Comes with chunky googles

Dig your own dino with this palaeontology kit! Uncover the bones of a T-Rex and assemble them into a complete skeleton, just like a real palaeontologist.

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Dig out a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and piece it together, just like a real palaeontologist!

Go on your very own fossil dig with the Palaeontology T-Rex Dino Kit. Pop on the googles and excavate the fossilised bones using the hammer and chisel provided. Brush down your findings and assemble the skeleton to display the completed Tyrannosaurus Rex model. The plaster block measures approximately 17cm in width, 11.5cm in depth and 2.5cm in height. We recommend spraying the plaster with water for the less patient digger!

Weight 685 g
Dimensions 235 × 220 × 35 mm

1 x pair of goggles
1 x excavation block with plastic “fossils”
1 x brush
1 x hammer
1 x chisel
1 x sponge