Invasion Of The Cow Snatchers


Suggested Age:  6+
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  • Collect all the cows with your tractor beam!
  • Cows magnetically 'beam up!'
  • Manoeuvre around or over the obstacles
  • 60 challenges to beat from easy to genius difficulty! 

Become an alien abductor with this magnetic logic puzzle. Can you navigate the UFO around the farm to rustle up some cattle without crashing into a barn?

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Take control of a UFO and beat this bovine beaming brainteaser!

Players need to beam up all the cows while flying over or around obstacles around the farm like hedges, fences and silos. As the UFO moves over the board the cow counters are magnetically picked up! The more cows beamed up, the bigger the stack becomes and the harder it is to fly over the obstacles. Players will need to work out the order they collect their cows before successfully blasting off! There are 60 challenges to solve, from Easy to Genius! This is a fantastic hands-on logic puzzle, with an out of this world theme!

Weight 720 g
Dimensions 260 × 240 × 70 mm

£30 – £35

game grid (with clear cover)

60 challenge cards

magnetic tokens (1 ufo, 4cows, 1 bull)

9 walls (3 barns, 2 crop rows, 2 fences, 2 hay bales)

1 silo

5 crop circles