Janod Sweety Shrink Jewellery


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Make funky shrinkable jewellery
  • Trace and colour sweet treats
  • Oven bake for 1 minute to shrink
  • Hang charms on the chains

Children can make their own colourful jewellery and accessories, that you shrink to size with Janod Sweety Shrink Plastic!

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Kids can create their own cute shrinkable jewellery inspired by a whole load of sweet treats.

Simply trace the patterns onto the pre-cut pieces, then colour in with colouring pencils. Follow the suggestions provided or create your own funky combinations. Once done, pop them into the oven at 250 Celsius for just 1 minute! When they’re cool, you’re ready to hang your pieces from the chains provided, along with bells and delicate metal leaves. Kids will soon be wearing their results. Please note you will need your own colouring pencils and an oven to complete this activity.

Weight 535 g
Dimensions 260 × 220 × 45 mm