Blow Your Own Magic Balloon Kit


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Make your own balloons and balloon models!
  • Comes with blowing pipe
  • 3 Colours available, 1 supplied at random

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Experiment and make balloons with magical goo!

This nostalgic curiosity comes ready to use, in a capped tube. Place a blob of the magic goo on the end of the pipe and blow carefully to see your balloon start to take shape. Simply seal your balloon and any small holes by pinching it together. Freshly blown magic balloons stick to each other really well allowing children to use their imaginations and create balloon models. The lifespan of each balloon depends on how much it’s played with. In our experience they tend to last around 15 minutes of gentle play but sat on a shelf they can last for many hours. Once used the paste hardens and has a distinct cling film feel about it, this means although it is not re-useable it doesn’t leave a gooey mess behind.

Each pack contains 1 tubes of magic balloon paste and 1 blowing pipe incorporating a one-way valve.

Colours may vary. 


Weight 45 g
Dimensions 200 × 110 × 30 mm

£0 – £5