Usborne My First Computer Coding Book


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Learn how to code with ScratchJr
  • Designed for total beginners
  • Make your own computer games
  • Free downloadable app
  • Notes for parents throughout!

Get young children coding with ScratchJr using the step by step activities!

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A fun and friendly introduction to computer coding using ScratchJr!

Children can learn how computers work in this kid’s coding book and even create their own programs. Following the simple step by step instructions they will code their own stories and games using ScratchJr! This is a simpler version of the programming language Scratch to make it more accessible for younger children. Scratch is used in many UK primary schools to teach coding.  The projects are varied and fun, building on the lessons they’ve learnt from previous exercises.

Kids will make a noisy farm scene, even recording their own animal noises! Other activities include creating a pet monster, designing a fairy garden, and constructing a rocket ship space game! All of these are open-ended and kids can alter and amend them as much as they like! Don’t want a pet monster? Make it a puppy or a unicorn! There are lots of helpful notes for grown-ups in the back of the book, to help kids use ScratchJr and further support their learning.


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