SmartGames Squirrels Go Nuts


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Single player logic puzzle
  • 60 challenges to beat!
  • Compact game board with lid
  • 4 levels of difficulty from easy to expert
  • Adorable squirrel game pieces!

Help the squirrels hide their nuts for winter in this fun brainteaser. Full of 60 nutty challenges to expand kid’s logic skills.

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Help the squirrels get ready for winter with this cute brainteaser!

Squirrels Go Nuts is a sliding puzzle game with 60 nutty challenges to test your skills, suitable for children and adults! The difficulty of the puzzles increases steadily, from ‘starter’ to ‘wizard’ as you learn how the game works. Just place the squirrels and nuts on the game board as shown in the challenge booklet. Players slide the squirrels horizontally or vertically to get the nuts in the holes. You’ve solved the puzzle when all the squirrels have dropped their nuts into a hole! A nifty design feature is the acorns have ball bearings inside, this gives them weight and ensures they don’t roll away under the sofa!

Each challenge comes with the solution in the back of the booklet, showing the shortest amounts of steps needed to solve the puzzle. The compact game board comes with a lid, which is great for tidying away easily. This is a great game for developing children’s visualisation skills, strategy and planning.

This was featured on our blog as one of our top picks from the London Toy Fair 2018! 

Weight 375 g
Dimensions 245 × 175 × 50 mm

1 x Game board with lid measuring 15cm by 15cm
5 x Puzzle pieces, squirrels measure 3.5cm tall.
5 x Acorns
1 x Booklet with challenges & solutions.