Times Tables Swat


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Multiplication maths game for 1 -4 players
  • Covers the 2 - 12 times tables
  • Swat the fly with the right answer!
  • Collect the most tiles to win
  • Great for honing mental maths on the fly!

In Times Table SWAT you need to swat the flies to win!

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Practice the 2 – 12 times tables with this fun, fast paced game!

Pick the times table you’d like to practice and lay out the flies. Each fly is colour coded for different sets of times tables to make set up easy. An adult or another player will call out “What’s two times four?” Children must quickly spot the answer and SWAT it before anyone else to win the round! Play continues until all the flies have been swatted, and the person with the most flies wins. But watch out, there are special actions that are revealed on the reverse of the card once picked up. Fly spray, jammy toast and the friendly fly, liven up play by making the player lose a fly, miss a go or even get an extra go! Kids will have lots of fun with this times table revision game from Learning Resources!

Weight 805 g
Dimensions 210 × 260 × 60 mm

£10 – £15

132 x double sided flies

4 x swatters

multi lingual activity guide with times table chart