ZooBooKoo Planets & Solar System Cube Book


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Hinged, space themed cube
  • Rip-resistant paper and plastic cube
  • Full of facts and figures!
  • Fold & open the cube to see different sides

Unfold this fiddle toy to reveal different cube faces, each with facts and figures about the solar system!

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The whole solar system in the palm of your hands!

Manipulate the hinged cube by folding and opening it, to reveal different ‘pages’. This vibrantly coloured cube book has a map of the solar system with facts and statistics about each planet, including size, planetary rotation time, solar orbit time, distance from the sun and number of moons. This 6cm plastic cube is covered with rip-resistance paper and is satisfyingly addictive for all ages. Perfect for kids to keep their hands and mind busy!

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 30 mm