Blink Card Game


Suggested Age:  7+

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  • Super fast, super fun matching game
  • Race to play all of your cards first
  • Match colour, shape or count
  • Portable travel game
  • From the makers of Uno

Match the cards to discard your hand first and win in this fast-paced game from the makers of Uno!

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Blink is a fast card-shedding game, guaranteed to liven things up!

Two players race head-to-head, playing cards by matching the colour, shape or number of symbols on their cards to the top card of the two discard piles in the centre of the table. The first player to lay all their cards, wins the game. Blink is a simple game but you’ll need keen observation and focus to be victorious.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 145 × 90 × 20 mm