Colour Catch Puzzle Game


Suggested Age:  7+
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  • Match the colours, catch the bugs!
  • 48 challenges to solve
  • 4 levels of difficulty from easy to expert
  • Develop children's logic and problem solving
  • Single player brainteaser

Colour Catch challenges kids to arrange animals so they match the colours shown in the challenge, but their colour changes depending on where they are placed!

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Help the salamanders and frogs catch their dinner!

Arrange the puzzle pieces on the board so the animals match the colours shown in the challenge. But be careful, this colour matching game is anything but simple! The animals are transparent and their colour changes depending on where you place them on the board. Kids will have to use logic and observation to carefully pick where to put their tiles! The game has 48 challenges, with 4 different difficulty levels from easy to expert. The harder challenges add an extra element for children to consider, as the frogs and lizards have to face the correct colour insect to catch their dinner. This single-player brainteaser from Smart Games will certainly test children’s puzzling skills!

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Dimensions 240 × 175 × 45 mm