Gold Rush Geology


Suggested Age:  7+

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  • Just add water and start panning to reveal golden nuggets!
  • Learn about the history behind gold prospecting
  • Hands on science activity
  • Perfect for a rainy afternoon

There’s gold in them hills! Kids will search for shiny nuggets hidden within a clay block just like prospectors from the wild west.

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Get swept up in gold fever with this miniature experiment kit!

Everything you need to start panning for gold is included in this set, even some very shiny fake gold nuggets hidden inside a block of clay. Just immerse the block into a large basin or sink of water and follow the illustrated booklet’s tips on how to separate out the ‘silt’ from the golden nuggets using the panning basin. You can use the tweezers to extract the nuggets from the water, placing them into a specimen cup. The booklet also includes lots of extra facts to learn about the history of panning and the precious element gold itself. A fun one-off science activity that is great for a rainy afternoon!

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 60 × 180 × 250 mm

clay block with fake gold nuggets inside

plastic pan

storage cup


full colour instruction booklet