Magnoidz My 1st Electric Circuit


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • An introduction to the world of electricity!
  • Build simple circuits
  • Perform experiments on household items
  • Great for curious young minds

Learn about electricity by building your own Circuit. Get hands on to preform a series of electrifying experiments with this children’s science kit.

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Build your 1st electric circuit with this practical children’s science kit.

Learn about how electricity works and construct your own circuit to light up the bulb. Add a switch, then test different materials for their electrical conductivity. Does a sock conduct electricity as well as a pencil? Only you can find out!

Kit includes several simple experiments to help you learn about electricity, current and conductivity. Requires a D/LR20 battery, not included.

Weight 186 g
Dimensions 165 × 220 × 60 mm

1 x Battery holder
2 x Tester prongs
1 x Miniature bulb and socket
60cm of conductive wire
Terminal connectors
Aluminium foil
Kit requires a D/LR20 battery, not included.