Oops Logic Puzzle


Suggested Age:  7+

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  • Put the magician back together
  • But there's a specific order!
  • Single player logic puzzle
  • Only one solution per puzzle

Can you get Simon the scattered magician back in the hat? Oops is a single person brainteaser.This puzzle is a UK Fun Learning exclusive.

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This brainteaser is a Fun Learning exclusive and we heartily recommend it to anyone who wants a challenge.

The rules are deceptively simple – Simon, the scattered magician must be put back together with his top hat at the bottom and his head on top. Moves are dictated by the number of pieces in the stack and by using only the most direct route possible. Sounds easy? Only by playing this puzzle do you realise the mental workout delivered with each and every level. Only one correct solution is possible.

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Dimensions 280 × 70 × 230 mm