Toys for 7 Year Olds

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  • What makes it great?

    • Both sides have a wipe-clean surface
    • Designed to be used with dry wipe pens
    • Includes one magnetic side
    • Measures 29cm x 23cm
    Children's white board perfect for writing practice

    Magnetic Wipe-Clean Whiteboard

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  • What makes it great?

    • Make your own magical creations
    • To fix your design just iron it!
    • Comes with 2 x pegboards
    • Approx 4,000 beads
    Make your own colourful unicorns with this craft activity kit for kids

    Hama Bead Magical Horses Activity Box – 4000 Beads

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  • What makes it great?

    • A mini gift box packed with tiny treasures
    • Rocks and minerals from around the world
    • See semi-precious stone and crystals up close
    • Each box is different!
    A small box of minerals and gemstones to treasure!

    British Fossils Rocks & Minerals Box

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  • What makes it great?

    • Pointy treasure!
    • A box of shark teeth
    • Each one is an ancient fossil
    • Dug up from rocks in Morocco
    A small box of shark teeth fossils for kids to examine and treasure

    Fossil Shark Teeth Box

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  • What makes it great?

    • Decorate your mug with the included pens
    • Wipe off the excess ink
    • Your design is permanent!
    • Design your own present!
    Plain white mug and 6 markers to decorate

    Create Your Own Mug Design

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  • What makes it great?

    • Solve real life engineering problems
    • 100 piece building set
    • 10 double sided engineering activity cards
    • Kids can develop their creativity, logic and planning skills
    Kids can become a little engineer and construct their own bridges, cranes and towers with this building set

    Learning Resources City Engineering & Design Building Set

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  • What makes it great?

    • Move the walls to navigate the maze and escape!
    • 60 puzzles to complete
    • 4 levels of difficulty from easy to expert
    • Single player logic puzzle
    Front of box for Smart Games Temple Trap Puzzle

    SmartGames Temple Trap

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  • What makes it great?

    • Magnetic construction set with 46 pieces
    • Create your own spinning carnival rides!
    • The parts 'click' together easily
    • High quality pieces are ultrasonically welded together
    Kids Create their own ferris wheel with this construction set from Magformers

    Magformers Carnival 46 Piece Set

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  • What makes it great?

    • Learn about the position of the planets
    • Planets move around the sun!
    • Light up constellation projector
    • Night light shuts off after 20 mins
    Night light and moving planetarium solar system

    GeoSafari Motorised Solar System

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  • What makes it great?

    • Fool-proof watercolour for beginners
    • Contemporary graphics appeal to young artists
    • High quality watercolour paper and paints
    • Perforated pages
    front of the book for the Klutz Watercolour Crush

    Klutz Watercolour Crush

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  • What makes it great?

    • Piece together the British Isles
    • Colourful representation of local areas
    • Magnetic jigsaw you can hang on the wall
    • French design by Janod
    Full map of the UK with jigsaw pieces

    Janod Magnetic Great Britain & Ireland Map

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  • What makes it great?

    • Make 6 pieces of sophisticated charm jewellery
    • Pre-cut and pre-punched pieces
    • Add the bells to make your bracelet sound as good as it looks
    • French design
    Box front - Make your own shrinkable jewellery with this kids craft kit by janod

    Janod Liberty Shrink Jewellery

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  • What makes it great?

    • Projects images up to 1 meter wide
    • View 24 colour dinosaur pictures
    • Can be used as a torch
    • Includes T. rex, Triceratops and Diplodocus
    Children's battery powered projector torch with 3 slides and 24 full colour images

    Dinosaur Torch and Projector

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  • What makes it great?

    • Decorate and assemble your own clock
    • Create swirls and dots with 3D paint
    • Cool and unique decoration for your room
    • An achievable and funky craft activity!
    Make your own clock with this 3d Dohvinci paint kit

    Dohvinci Clock Kit

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  • What makes it great?

    • Scratch and stencil designs and doodles
    • Colour changing light to illuminate drawings
    • Make 6 interchangeable pictures
    • Frame to show off your finished pieces
    Children's drawing craft kit with LED lights

    Light Up Doodle Art

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  • What makes it great?

    • Make a super cute woodland animal mobile
    • Classic craft activity
    • Encourages fine motor skills
    • Reusable pegboard
    Front of box for Hama Forest Animals Mobile

    Hama Forest Animals Mobile – 2500 Beads

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