SmartGames Go Genius World


Suggested Age:  7+

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  • Designed to help and improve children's knowledge of our planet
  • Supporting Key Stage 1 and 2 teaching
  • Made with sustainable and recyclable materials

Supporting Key Stage 1 and 2 teaching, this fun board game is designed to help and improve children’s knowledge of our planet.

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Grab your passport, fasten your seatbelt and go on the educational trip of a lifetime!

Made with sustainable and recyclable materials, the aim of the game is to get as many points as possible by travelling round the game board answering multiple choice questions on everything from capitals, countries and continents to tallest mountains and saltiest seas.
Be sure to try and avoid the spaces that tell you to miss a go, move backwards or do a forfeit!

The more you play Go Genius World, the more you learn! Win the points required to earn a genius stamp and start filling up your Go Genius passport!

Suitable for 2 to 4 players.


Weight 675 g
Dimensions 230 × 230 × 40 mm

£15 – £20