Spy Science Secret Message Kit


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Learn how to communicate in secret!
  • Make a super spy secret journal
  • Use invisible ink and morse code
  • Reveal clues with a decoder lens

Use a secret message pen, communicate with Morse code and decipher clues with a decoder! This kids spy kit has everything needed to become a super spy!

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Make your own Super Spy Secret Journal and learn different methods of secret communication with the Spy Science Secret Message Kit.

Send confidential notes in invisible ink, make contact in flashing Morse code and use your decoder lens to reveal clues on the ‘x ray’ secret message sheet! Inside the box you’ll find: 1x paper set for making inner pages of the journal, 1x card set for making the journal covers and other accessories, 2 x red filter lenses, 1 x plastic binder, 1 x plastic bag, 1 x Morse code torch with replaceable battery, 1 x invisible message writer (white), 1x invisible message developer (black), 2 x message capsules, 4 x message capsule covers, double-sided adhesive tape and detailed instructions with fun facts.

Weight 205 g
Dimensions 220 × 60 × 170 mm