The KnowHow Book of Spycraft


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Jam packed with real spy facts!
  • Puzzles, codes and games to play and solve
  • 47 pages of colour illustrations
  • Original Edition 40th Anniversary

Become the next James Bond with this book full of encrypted codes and top secret spy know how!

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Kids can become a top secret agent with this book of spycraft!

The sneaky ‘Black Hat Spy’ will show children how real life spies operated through colourful illustrations and do it yourself activities. From ways to disguise yourself, how to spot clues to detect other spies and then codes. There are so many different ways to encrypt and then pass on secret messages in this book! You can encrypt codes within a normal letter, in drawings, on string, or by even just by blinking morse code! There are also secret messages throughout the book for children to discover and decrypt. This edition is the 40th anniversary from when it was originally published by Usborne, making it an absolute classic and a must have for spy fans.

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