Usborne 100 Things To Know About Numbers, Computers & Coding


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Learn fun facts and trivia
  • Packed with colourful infographics
  • Explore the world of zeroes and ones
  • Encourage children to learn for the fun of it!

Learn 100 fun things about numbers, computers and coding!

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Have you ever wondered what was the first computer game?

Who invented the first virus? How long is a metre? What is fuzzy logic? And what on earth are zombie computers?! Then wonder no more, because this book from Usborne has the answers! Packed full of fun and eye-catching illustrations and infographics to get kids learning. There’s even a glossary and index, with links to specially selected websites to find out more!

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128 page hardback book measuring 18 x 25 cm