Thinkfun Cat Crimes


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Solve the clues to place the cats in the crime scene
  • Use logic to figure out who-dunnit!
  • Single player logic game for independent play
  • 4 levels of difficulty with colour coded cards
  • 40 challenges to solve!

Use the clues to logically deduce each of the cat’s positions around the board. Only then will you find out which cat committed the crime!

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Who swallowed the fish? Who tangled the yarn? Who ruined my shoes?!

Players will use the clues on the challenge cards to position the cats around the board, the aim is to seat the cat culprit in front of the crime, solving the puzzle! The double-sided cards have the clues on one side and answers on the other so players can check to see if they are right! There are six different cats to accuse, each with distinctive features you’ll need to pay attention to help solve the crime. There are 40 challenges to beat, ranging from beginner to expert! So get your detective cap on and get ready to catch some naughty kitties!

Weight 505 g
Dimensions 240 × 160 × 40 mm

£10 – £15

game board

6 cat tokens with stands

6 crime tokens

40 numbered challenge cards with full solutions on the back

14-page Instruction Manual.