Thinkfun Circuit Maze


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Place the pieces and light up the beacons!
  • 60 electrifying challenges from beginner to expert
  • Discover how circuits really work by building them
  • Encourages problem solving skills

Introduce kids to the concept of circuits and logical thinking with this brainteaser from Thinkfun!

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Get your brain switched on with this electrifying logic game from Thinkfun!

Pick a challenge card, set up the game grid to match, then work out how to complete the circuit with the remaining pieces. When all the beacons light up, you win! This is a great way to introduce children to the concepts behind circuits and electrical engineering, wrapped up in a novel brainteaser! There are 60 challenges to solve with four levels of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert.

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

Weight 760 g
Dimensions 275 × 240 × 70 mm

£25 – £30, £30 – £35

1 game grid

60 challenge cards from beginner to expert with solutions


21 game tokens (1 two-part power source, 3 led beacons, 2 straights, 2 bridges, 2 double corners, 2 t-shapes, 5 corners, 1 switch and 3 blockers)