CODE: On The Brink


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Navigate an obstacle course to win!
  • Learn coding skills without a screen!
  • 40 challenges to solve
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Each challenge gives you everything you need to solve it!

Can you guide the robot to the finish line? Watch out, if you give the wrong commands it’ll fall off the track!

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Move your robot through an obstacle course while developing logic and programming know-how!

On The Brink is the first in a series of coding games from ThinkFun to help children learn how to code. This single-player brainteaser encourages children to work through 40 logic puzzles, using deduction to complete the challenges. Best of all, no screens or devices are needed to play to help keep them focused on learning.

In order to win you need to move your robot from the start to the finish line. Your robot will follow a colour coded program. It’s your job to match the movement cards to the right colours, to create a program that will guide your robot through the maze of multi-coloured squares, without falling off the track! Each challenge gives you everything you need to solve it. You’ll need to think things through logically and then test your solution. If your robot falls off, try again! There are 4 levels of difficulty; easy, intermediate, advanced and expert, which will introduce players to the game step by step, building their confidence before introducing more tricky puzzles. Should you get stumped then solutions are provided at the back of the challenge book.

Weight 740 g
Dimensions 260 × 210 × 60 mm

control panel

booklet with 40 challenges

1 cardboard robot

18 movement cards

instruction manual