Creepy Crystals Kit


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Grow crystals and dissolve rocks!
  • Based on Horrible Science books
  • Includes foul facts instruction sheet

Grow your own crystals and more with the Horrible Science Creepy Crystal Kit.

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In this set you’ll dissolve rocks, grow crystal seeds and multicoloured blooms of crystal! Discover the disgusting side of science with Horrible Science Creepy Crystals kit and uncover why your school is melting, how diamonds are a dentist’s best friend and other foul facts with this kid friendly kit.

Contains crystal growing mix (Ammonium dihydrogen orthophospate), 1 x tree card, 1 x tree growing solution, 1 x petri dish, 1 x colour tablet, 1 x seed crystal packet, 1 x round bottle, 1 x funnel, 1 x limestone rock and horrible info leaflet. Some extra household items are required to use this kit, such as; a yogurt pot, malt vinegar, felt tip pens, measuring jug, and a microwave oven. Please note this set should always be used under adult supervision.

Weight 245 g
Dimensions 212 × 140 × 65 mm