I Heart Charm Bracelets


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Create 2 custom charm bracelets
  • Use the moulding tool to make your own beads
  • No baking required with the air dry clay
  • 8 different charms to thread

Create your own beaded bracelets, combining air dry clay, metal charms and gems!

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Create your own beads with this jewellery making kit!

Use the easy moulding tool to create colourful beads with the modelling clay, twist, weave or marble the clay to form different pattern! There’s no baking required, simply let your beads air dry! You can then apply sparkling jewels and glitter to embellish your designs. String your beads and charms on the metal chain included. There are enough materials to create 24 custom beads, which can be threaded to make 2 bracelets. The charms included are a horse, key, star, guitar, horseshoe, lock, flower and heart. With 5 colours of dough to work with, each bracelet will be unique!

Weight 340 g
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 50 mm

Includes easy moulding tool

5 colours of air-dry clay (10g each)

2 pins

2 bracelets (19cm each)

8 charms

8 beads

24 eyelets

glitter glue (6g)

10 jump rings

30 stick stones

dowel and easy instructions