SmartGames IQ Focus


Suggested Age:  8+
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  • Single player logic puzzle
  • Fit the pieces onto the board
  • 120 challenges to complete
  • Compact board with lid

Smartgames latest brainteaser, IQ Focus will challenge you with 120 puzzles to solve for kids and adults alike. Place the pieces to make the pattern!

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Great for fans of Smart Game’s other IQ titles, the latest version requires an even more logical approach to complete the challenges.

Focus on the central square to complete the pattern, but don’t forget you need to get all the differently shaped pieces to fit on the board! There are 120 single player puzzles to solve progressing from easy to expert, each trickier than the last.

If you’re a puzzle fan, then click here to see how IQ focus was designed to put your visual recognition skills to the test!

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 145 × 100 × 30 mm

Includes 1 x compact travel game board with transparent lid, 10 x colourful puzzle pieces and 1 x booklet with 120 challenges and solutions. For 1 player.