Laser Maze


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Can you find your way through the mirror maze?
  • Reflect the laser to the target to win!
  • 60 challenges from beginner to expert
  • Develops logic and problem-solving skills
  • Uses a real laser!

Use mirrors to bend a laser beam in this exciting logic game!

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Direct the laser to hit the target by using reflective mirrors in this reflective maze!

Pick a challenge card, set up the game grid to match, then work out how to direct the laser to hit the target with the remaining mirror pieces. When the laser hits all of the pieces on the board you win! There’s only one correct solution for every challenge, so check you’re right by flipping over the challenge card to see the solution. There are 60 challenges to solve with four levels of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. A great game to get kids problem-solving and ignite their minds!

2 AG13 / LR44 button cell batteries are included

Weight 805 g
Dimensions 240 × 275 × 70 mm

£15 – £20

60 challegen cards


game grid

games tokens; laser, 5 targets/mirrors, 2 beam splitters, double mirror, checkpoint, cell blocker

2 AG13 / LR44 button cell batteries are included