SmartGames Asteroid Escape


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Sliding tile puzzle with 3D obstacles
  • 60 puzzles to complete
  • 4 levels of difficulty from easy to expert
  • Single player logic puzzle
  • Ideal for puzzling on the go!

Navigate through an asteroid field using your logic skills to find safety! SmartGames Asteroid Escape lets children pilot their spaceship through a sliding tile puzzle full of 3D asteroids!

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This is a sliding tile puzzle with a 3D twist!

Pilot your intrepid spaceship deftly through an asteroid field without crashing! Your logic skills will be tested to the limit in order to escape. Set up the board according to the instructions and then slide the puzzle pieces one by one to move your ship through the asteroid field. You’ve found a solution when your spaceship can fly off the board!

Asteroid Escape is an intergalactic sliding puzzle with 60 missions, from beginner to expert to challenge children and adults. Each challenge comes with the solution in the back of the booklet, showing the shortest amounts of steps needed to solve the puzzle. Can you beat each one taking the optimum route? This is a great challenge for developing children’s logic and planning skills. The compact game board comes with a lid, great for long car journeys and travelling.

Weight 385 g
Dimensions 245 × 175 × 50 mm

1 x Game board with lid, measuring 15 xm by 15cm
8 x Puzzle pieces including the spaceship
1 x Booklet with 60 challenges & answers