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Suggested Age:  4+
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  • Make stop motion animation!
  • Shoot movies on your smartphone
  • Super cool posable characters
  • Free feature packed software
  • Includes adjustable smartphone tripod

Make stop motion animation with Stikbots. These easy to pose characters come with a free animation download to make your own cool movies.

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Download the free app and make these super cool characters the stars of your own movie! StikBots are easy to pose figurines with suction cup hands and feet.

Place the limbs in multiple positions and use your smartphone to shoot movies frame by frame. The kit includes an adjustable tripod to securely position your phone and the software allows you to use a headphone control to snap each frame. Shoot 10 frames for every second of animation. The feature packed software has on-screen instructions and allows you to add endless effects to your StikBot videos. Upload your finished creations on social media to share them with your friends! In the box you’ll find: 1 x adjustable smartphone tripod, 1 x StikBot pet and 1 x StikBots figurine measuring 8cm in height.

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 230 × 190 × 40 mm