Tic Tac Two


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Tic Tac Toe but with a twist!
  • The grid can be moved!
  • Score 3 in a row to win
  • Quality wooden pieces and travel bag
  • Builds planning and strategy

A game of tic tac toe but with a twist! You can move the game grid!

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Tic Tac Two plays like the classic noughts and crosses, but with a twist!

Place the grid any where on the board to start, players then take turns placing their pieces. Sounds like normal Tic Tac Toe, so far, right? The difference is that you can move the blue grid to deny your opponent a winning move or open up new opportunities for yourself! This is great for helping kids consider their moves, developing their planning and strategy. If you get three pieces in a row, then you win. The solid wood pieces make this a lovely set to handle. It even comes with a little cotton bag to pack all the pieces away in. This is a game for two players, so get ready to go head to head!

Weight 515 g
Dimensions 180 × 180 × 55 mm

1 x wooden game board measuring 17.5 cm by 17.5cm

4 x yellow ‘crosses’

4 x orange ‘circles’

1 x movable grid

1 x drawstring canvas