Tornado Tube


Suggested Age:  10+

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  • Make a colourful water vortex
  • Attach the device between 2 bottles
  • Teach kinetic and potential energy
  • Great for for the home or classroom

Use the tornado tube to create a fascinating water tornado! This exciting Tornado Maker is a hands on experiment that demonstrates vortex action.

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Attach this simple little device between 2 plastic bottles to create a fascinating water tornado!

This exciting hands on experiment demonstrates vortex action and can be used to teach children about kinetic and potential energy. Simple screw the Tornado Maker onto a half full bottle of water, add a colour tablet and attach an empty bottle on top. Flip the experiment over, give it a swirl and watch as a colourful water vortex forms. This easy experiment makes a great activity for the home or classroom.

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 170 × 130 × 40 mm

Kit includes: 1 x Tornado Tube Connector, 4 x colour tablets and full instructions. 2 x 1 litre plastic bottles are required (not included).