SmartGames Walls and Warriors


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Defend your castle from attack by placing walls!
  • Single-player logic game
  • 80 Challenges to complete
  • Multi-level difficulty from easy to expert!
  • Great for developing logical thinking and spatial skills

Position your walls carefully to keep your defenders in the castle, and the invaders out!

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Protect your castle from invaders in this brainteaser from SmartGames!

Kids will need to carefully place their walls to keep the attacking red warriors out while keeping their blue defenders inside! There are 80 challenges to complete, ranging from easy to expert. With a 3D playing board, detailed knights and walls with turrets, this game looks fantastic! This is a wonderful game for engaging kids to develop their logical thinking and spatial skills through play.

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 245 × 250 × 65 mm

£15 – £20, £20 – £25

game board measuring 23 x 20 cm approx

4 walls

1 keep

4 red warriors

3 blue warriors

instructions and challenge booklet