CODE: Rover Control


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  • Map out the rovers route to win
  • Unplugged play with screen free coding!
  • 40 challenges to solve
  • Practice programming with multi routines
  • Developed by an ex-NASA engineer!

Guide your rover to the finish line by colouring the paths to match its program!

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Guide your rover across the surface of a planet from the starting point to the finish to solve the puzzle!

Code: Rover Control is the second game in a series of coding games from Thinkfun! It’s a great way to teach children about coding concepts in a fun and accessible way, without screens! Each rover has a colour coded program it needs to follow, it’s up to you to colour in the paths so it knows where to go. Even if you get it wrong first try, the drywipe pens allow you to use the maps over and over again with just a wipe!

As players become more confident, more advanced coding concepts will be introduced into the programs such as ‘loops’, ‘if’ functions and ‘yes/no’ conditions in the form of data upload points or taking terrain samples! There are 40 programs to solve in total, with 4 levels of difficulty; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The expert difficulty will challenge players to control two rovers at the same time! Should you get totally stumped, there’s a separate solution book to get you back on track.

Weight 930 g
Dimensions 260 × 160 × 120 mm

4 terrain maps

booklet with 40 challenges

3 erasable markers

7  station tokens

2 rovers

4 start and end tokens

sample storage card

solution booklet