Horrible Science Blood, Bones & Body Bits


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Hands-on exploration of how the body works
  • 6 sick, squishy experiments
  • Make a real pumping heart!
  • Mould a bulging brain
  • Comes with A3 poster & lab notebook

Kids will love these slimy, disgusting Horrible Science experiments to explore how their body works!

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Get in touch with how your body works with this collection of gross experiments!

Make a a brain that looks and feels as slimy as your own and find out which jobs are done by the different lobes. Simulate a pumping heart to discover how it moves blood around and discover some disgusting truths about your digestive tract with the Bottom Burp Machine. The 28-page guide explains the experiments and all the science behind the learning in a humorous way.

Please note some household ingredients are required.

Weight 455 g
Dimensions 225 × 220 × 70 mm

1 x 28-page lab notebook

1 x plastic brain-shaped mould

1 x plastic heart model

2 x heart tubes

1 x zip-lock plastic bag

1 x stereoscope

1 x wooden stick

1 x balloon

1 x funnel

1 x A3 colour Gruesome Guts poster

green and red food colouring

plaster of paris