Numenko In A Bag


Suggested Age:  9+

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  • Maths game with variable difficulty
  • First to use all their tiles wins
  • Quick play travel version - each game takes 15 mins
  • Lightweight and easy to pack away

Crossword style maths game that’s perfect for travelling, Numenko In A Bag unpacks, plays and is tidied away again in less than 15 mins.

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The perfect crossword style maths game for on the go!

Looking for that game for a child struggling with their number skills? Perhaps you want a game that you can use to introduce your child to numbers? Numenko-in-a-bag was developed for just that purpose. Played in a crossword-fashion using wooden tiles with numbers and the unique Multichoice and Freechoice tiles to create calculations instead of words. Game can be set up, played and packed away in less than 15 minutes. This game is played in a similar fashion to the Numenko Board Game but without the board. With the Numenko-in-a-Bag version, players work all at the same time but independently of each other to build their own equations, and they compete to use all of their allotted tiles the fastest. This is not a scoring game, the winner is the player who has no tiles left at the end of the game. An added benefit is its portability. It weighs 6 ounces and comes in a handy soft-material bag.

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 270 × 155 × 40 mm

158 x wooden tiles
1 x soft carry pouch.