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  • What makes it great?

    • Use tools to excavate the treasure
    • Contains 4 imitation crystal gems
    • Includes 2 digging tools
    • Plaster block measures 10cm
    Imitation crystal gems excavation kit for children with 4 gems to find

    Crystal Gems Digging Kit

    £1.75 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Hand-held bug viewer
    • Snap on the magnifying lid
    • Examine bugs at 3x magnification
    • Includes air holes
    Children's hand held bug viewing jar with magnifier and measuring grid

    Bug Viewer

    £3.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Expandaball expands and contracts!
    • Ball of colourful plastic joints
    • Measures 18cm in diameter
    • Expands to 31cm
    Expanding ball playground toy with a colourful web of joints that expand from 18cm to 31cm


    £4.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Four different colours in one tip
    • Twist as you draw
    • Pencil measures 18cm in length
    • Requires large pencil sharpener
    Jumbo 18cm pencil that creates rainbow effects as you twist and draw

    Jumbo Rainbow Pencil

    £0.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Create patterns in the air!
    • Twirl loops, spirals and shapes
    • Rainbow ribbon is 2 meters long
    • Includes rigid 40cm handle
    2 meter gymnastic ribbon with 40cm plastic handle

    Gymnastic Twirling Ribbon

    £3.25 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Stretches to 5 times it's size!
    • Sticks to most painted surfaces
    • Comes individually bagged
    • Measures 5cm in length
    Yellow stretchy man fidget toy for children's party bags

    Stretchy Man Fiddle Toy

    £0.25 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Mould 6 colourful vehicle figures
    • Great party bag item
    • Pour plaster of Paris into the mould
    • Paint unique designs
    Make 6 vehicle figures from plaster of Paris and decorate with the 5 coloured paints

    Mould and Paint Transport

    £1.75 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Single mini bouncy ball
    • Each ball measures 25mm
    • Patterns and colours vary
    Individual 25mm bouncy rocket ball for party bags

    Bouncy Ball 25mm

    £0.25 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Traditional children's Kaleidoscope
    • Turn to create changing patterns
    • Colours and shapes change infinitely
    • Measures 17cm in length
    Thick cardboard kaleidoscope with colourful beads that create unique patterns every time you turn it

    Children’s Kaleidoscope

    £3.75 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Classic, high-quality skipping rope
    • Unscrew handle to adjust the length
    • Measures 275cm including handles
    • Enhance balance and co-ordination
    Adjustable wooden handled children's skipping rope toy measuring 275cm in length

    Wooden Handled Skipping Rope

    £3.75 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Grab students attention!
    • Encourage children to take part
    • Make classroom participation easier
    • Use with whiteboards or maps
    Hand pointer toy by Learning Resources for the home or classroom

    Hand Pointer

    £3.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Giant balloon to bash and bounce
    • Inflate and place around your wrist
    • Fill with dry rice to add noise
    • Size of a small beach ball
    Children's blow up punch balloon with elastic band and fun design

    Printed Punch Balloons

    £0.35 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Glittery version of sand art!
    • No need for messy glue
    • Peel off the shapes and sprinkle
    • Shake off to reveal your design
    Children's glitter mosaic pictures with self adhesive foam shapes and coloured glitter

    Glitter Mosaic Craft Kit

    £1.75 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Catch these bubbles on your fingers!
    • Blow them into the air and wait
    • Ready to catch after 10 seconds
    • Non- toxic, non-staining solution
    Touchable bubble that set in the air and you can catch with wand and resealable plastic tube

    Touchable Bubbles

    £1.25 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Addictive fiddle toy for children
    • Wooden blocks strung with elastic
    • Angle shapes and figures
    • Improve fine motor skills
    String of 12 mini wooden blocks fidget toy for children

    Twist and Lock Blocks Fidget Toy

    £1.50 Buy
  • What makes it great?

    • Mess-free sculpting beads
    • Modelling foam that never dries out
    • Doesn't stick to hair or clothes
    • Squash it down and start again!
    Children's mess free glittery modelling foam bead play pack with 4 colours

    Playfoam Sparkle Modelling Beads

    £4.50 Buy