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Stuff your stockings with our top 10 picks of presents this Christmas

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for kids

Here at Fun Learning we’ve found the smallest of gifts that will fill up even the biggest stocking, and at prices that won’t empty your purse! So get ready to stuff your stockings with something other than satsumas and coal this year.

4 red and white fluffy stockings hanging on a mantlepiece

Here’s our top 10 favourite picks of stocking stuffers to please the youngest child to even the most bah humbugs of teenagers:

Multicolured pieces from the Plus Plus Basic Mix Tube A figure and skateboard made using pieces from the Plus Plus Basic Mix Tube A simple yet ingenious construction toy that fits in your bag. Just slot the pieces together!

Plus Plus – basic Mix – £6.00

A tub full of building possibilities! Just push the pieces together to create your own animals, people and patterns.

 6 different coloured StikbotsStikbot stop motion animation posable figure fiddle toy

StikBot – £5.00

A small bendable, posable figure that can be used to make stop-motion animations with. Their suction cup hands and feet mean they can be posed on any smooth surface. All you need is to download the free app onto a phone or tablet and your kids can become a movie director!

A geometric optical illusion made by a Childrens Traditional Kaleidoscope Toy  Thick cardboard kaleidoscope with colourful beads that create unique patterns every time you turn it

Kaleidoscope – £3.75

Twist and turn this magical tube to reveal amazing colours. A retro present that children will love.

Children's electronic pattern memory game with 15 sequences to rememberMemory Maze Challenge Puzzle in blister pack

Memory Maze Challenge – £6.50

Can kids beat this mini version of the classic ‘Simon Says?’ Copy all 15 flashing patterns of lights and noises to win. Comes with batteries ready to go!

Set of 4 bright LED finger torches with on off switches and non replaceable batteriesFinger Torches turned on in the dark

Finger Torches – £3.75

Light up a grey Christmas morning with these awesome tiny torches that fit on your fingers! Batteries are included so kids can play with them straight away on Christmas morning while you’re still (hopefully) in bed.


Touchable bubble that set in the air and you can catch with wand and resealable plastic tubeTouchable bubbles in blister pack

Touchable Bubbles – £1.25

If you’ve ever been in one of our stores you’ll know we love blowing bubbles! These bubbles dry in the air so you can catch them on your fingers! A great one to stuff in a stocking.

7cm stretchy monkey fiddle toy for party bags6 colour variations of Stretchy Monkey

Stretchy Monkey Fiddle Toy – £0.30

A classic stocking stuffer that is a very silly fiddle toy. Kids can stretch and pull the little monkeys. Also sticks to windows!

Rattling torpedo magnets like Zoidz that zing when they meet in the air

Rattling Torpedo Magnets – £1.00

These solid hematite magnets will clatter and rattle as they stick to each other. Kids will have fun pulling them apart and seeing what else they stick to! Theres always time for some sneaky science at Christmas.

Children's Train book with 18 interactive acetate pages to exploreChildren's cat themed book with 18 acetate pages to exploreChildren's atlas of the earth book with 18 acetate pages to explore

First Discovery Books – £2.9

A range of informative and illustrated books for young readers. Full of colourful illustrations with acetate pages and overlays – each turn of the page transforms the pictures!

Build and decorate a wooden car complete with stickers and paintBuild and decorate a wooden quad bike complete with paint and stickersBuild and decorate a wooden Racing Car complete with paint and stickers

Wood Worx Paint Your Own Car – £4.00

Children can assemble and paint their own vehicle, with wheels that really turn! This simple kit is so easy to make and made form solid blocks of wood. Something the kids can build while they’re are still off school.

If you need more stocking stuffers inspiration or just some little presents, then check out our Stocking Filler section here!