Children's wipe clean cursive writing practice pad for years 1 and 2 with dry erase pen 30 August 11
Practice writing well-formed words again and again with this portable wipe clean pad.Practice writing well-formed ... Read more
Children's wipe clean cursive writing practice pad for reception year with dry erase pen 24 August 11
Learn to write well-formed words again and again with this portable wipe clean pad.The Secret Scholar ... Read more
Create and decode secret messages with secret message pens and morse code 13 September 12
Make your own Super Spy Secret Journal and learn different methods of secret communication with the Spy Science ... Read more
Children's secret code making spy kit with letter wheels and mini writing pads 15 October 15
Use the code wheels to communicate with your agents and your keep your information secret!Follow the easy ... Read more
Kids can decode cyphers and secrets with this spy activity kit 29 October 19
This spy kit contains everything you need to get your future detective started! The three activity books; Secret ... Read more
Combine and discover the power of circuits with this sneaky secret recorder that's perfect for budding spies 29 December 18
What will you record with the Logiblocs Secret Recorder?Using the different colour coded blocs, kids can assemble ... Read more
Children's morse code spy toy with LED Morse Code finger torch and plastic mirror 22 October 15
Communicate secret messages in Morse code just like a real spy!This mini kit includes 2 methods of ... Read more
50 secret codes for young sleuths to solve 7 January 19
This set of wipe-clean activity cards are perfect for aspiring cryptographers!The 50 cards explore Semaphore, Morse ... Read more
Mathlink cubes activity set 8 October 18
What do you do with Mathlink Cubes?We have lots of conversations about Mathlink Cubes in our shops. ... Read more
Contents of the Learning Resources Secret Dice Tower 27 April 18
Children can roll the dice down the tower, then check the tray to see what they rolled!This ... Read more
2 May 19
Fill up the pages of this delicious looking journal with secrets!This sparkly diary comes in a hardbound ... Read more
The perfect book for all budding spies! Reissued on it's 60th anniversary 25 January 19
Kids can become a top secret agent with this book of spycraft!The sneaky ‘Black Hat Spy&#... Read more
Front cover of the Zombie Journal 28 June 19
Record your thoughts in shining silver on the blackest of pages with this padlocked journal!This zombie-themed ... Read more
Lined lockable diary with padlock and 208 plain pages for children 19 October 17
Keep your secrets safe with this lockable journal that glows in the dark.It comes with a hard ... Read more
4 kids get ready to go! 20 July 18
Our Director Clea is here again to share some travel tips for any one going on long journey ... Read more
Making and twisting together Crazy Aaron's Putty 1 June 18
Slime and putty. Parents hate it, kids love it. Whatever your stance, the recent explosion of slime sensory ... Read more
2 adults stretching a giant blob of Crazy Arron's thinking putty 2 February 18
We’ve been busy at this Year’s London Toy Fair 2018 trying out the newest, ... Read more
Front of book cover - Usborne's Coding For Beginners Using Python 2 May 18
Get children coding with this lively book from Usborne.Building on from the previous Usborne Coding book using ... Read more
Front of box for the Klutz Jr My Superhero Starter kit 9 May 18
Klutz’s Chicken Socks Superhero Kit has been updated for a new generation of super heroes!Enter ... Read more
Jumbo Dice 24 August 18
Get Children rolling and counting!Dice are such simple little things, and they let us play all manner ... Read more
My Life Unzipped is a journal all about you! 3 October 19
Unzip this journal and fill it up with your story!My Life Unzipped is a book waiting to ... Read more
Front Box of Explore the Sea 10 August 18
Explore The Sea is an interactive learning tool for children to discover the mystery of the sea floor ... Read more
Front box of the Explore the Forest Puzzle 10 March 18
Explore The Forest is an interactive learning tool for children to discover the environment and animals of the ... Read more
Create your own awesome alarm gadgets with Logiblocs! 30 January 19
Children can create their own alarm gadgets with this kit!Logiblocs come in colour coded blocs, which kids ... Read more
Crack open this rock to find a sparking treasure within! 24 May 19
Break open these geodes at home to reveal sparkling quartz crystals within!Kids can discover the secret treasure ... Read more
5 May 19
Write a rainbow with this multicoloured diary!This colourful diary comes in a hardbound cover with 6 different ... Read more
Locktou is a children's playset to help children's fine motor skills 25 September 19
These three cute wooden animals each have a secret, unlock and open the flaps to find it!Toddlers ... Read more
GoTrovo Treasure Hunt is a great game for all the family! 27 September 19
Get your little adventurer engaged in solving the riddles, following directions and uncovering the treasure! Here’s the ... Read more
Children's light themed book with 18 acetate pages to read and explore 10 March 16
See why plants grow in sunlight, discover the secrets of shadows and find out why rainbows form in ... Read more

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