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    What makes it great?

    • STEM-themed activity set teaches kids concepts of angles, trajectories, and other physics fundamentals.
    • Send the balls flying through the air and toward targets with the help of the included catapult.
    • Challenges with multiple difficulty levels help kids develop critical thinking and engineering skills.
    Learning Resources Crashapult

    Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Set

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    What makes it great?

    • Provides an optimal solution for students that need to fidget.
    • Brightly coloured, fantastic sensory aids.
    • 3 different styles of distraction, spin, twist, and pull.

    Sensory Genius Pencil Pushers

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    What makes it great?

    • Activity guide provides printable planning sheet and Engineering Design Process.
    • Children conduct hands-on investigations and record data to find the optimum situation for each activity.
    • Set engages primary learners in the understanding of key engineering skills.
    Learning Resources Engineering Building Set

    Learning Resources Playground Engineering Set

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    What makes it great?

    • Spike has soft plastic quill pieces.
    • Build fine motor skills by removing and inserting quills.
    • Quills come in 4 colours, red, orange, green and purple.
    Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog

    Learning Resources Fine Motor Hedgehog

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    What makes it great?

    • Build a monster truck, complete with moving pieces.
    • Includes a motorised, child friendly mini-drill.
    • Multilingual instructional guide.
    Design & Drill Monster Truck

    Design & Drill Monster Truck

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    What makes it great?

    • Includes 60 4cm counters (seven fruits in five different colours).
    • 22cm durable plastic pie.
    • Three double-sided sorting cards, two Jumbo Tweezers and activity guide.

    Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie

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    What makes it great?

    • Will help teach your child personal identities.
    • A fun way to build early learning skills: colours, matching, sorting, counting and patterning.
    • Houses can be stacked to create different types of homes.
    Learning Resources All About Me

    Learning Resources Sorting Neighbourhood

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    What makes it great?

    • Set includes robot model, 15 coloured play bolts, toy screwdriver and a sheet of stickers.
    • Toy screwdriver is ideal for developing motor skills.
    • Robot features swiveling head, arms and upper body.
    • An engaging introduction to STEM for young learners.
    Design & Drill Robot

    Learning Resources Design & Drill Robot

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    What makes it great?

    • Drill colourful patterns into the design board.
    • Promotes tools to develop early skills including colour recognition, counting, patterning, motor skills.
    • 100 plastic coloured bolts included.
    Design & Drill Activity Center

    Learning Resources Design & Drill Activity Center

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