Creative Building Blocks


Suggested Age:  2+

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  • 36 Wooden bulidng blocks
  • Comes with card bases for building up!
  • Introduces concepts of balance and weight
  • Develop creativity and logical thinking

Stack up, build out and topple over with this creative brick set!

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Build up with this box of wooden bricks from Headu!

Stack, pile and topple with these 36 colourful shapes. Using the 21 chunky cardboard bases, kids can create new ways of building, and learn about weights and balances! The small size blocks make building structures or animals easy! A single size cube measures 2.5 cm by 2.5cm.


Weight 890 g
Dimensions 280 × 250 × 60 mm

36 x assorted coloured wooden blocks composed of; 12 rectangles, 16 cubes, 8 triangles. Cubes measure 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

21 x assorted black bases