SmartMax Power Vehicles


Suggested Age:  3+

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  • Vehicle construction playset
  • Use magnets to build cars!
  • Pull back and go wheels
  • Toddler proof magnetic rods
  • 25 piece set

Kids can make their own magnetic vehicles in this car building kit. Make diggers, forklifts and many more using the SmartMax Power Vehicle Play set!

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Kids can play with magnetism to build trucks, cars and diggers!

Build and recombine the different pieces to construct various vehicles. Children can make make a fire truck, a forklift, a tow truck, a pick-up truck and more! There’s even a pull back and go wheel set, so kids can watch their creations go zoom! SmartMax magnets are ultrasonically welded together to ensure that the magnets included are toddler proof. With 25 pieces to build with, including 4 x magnetic bars and a metal ball, this set provides hours of fun. They can be combined with other smart max sets to expand the fun as kids develop and grow!

Weight 815 g
Dimensions 300 × 380 × 65 mm

25 pieces including:
2 x medium bars
1 x long bar with pullback and go wheel set
1 x long bar (measuring 12cm in length)
1 x container
1 x ladder
1 x digger
1 x cockpit
3 x cabins
3 x levers
2 x wheel pairs
5 x sturdy wheel pairs
1 x fork
1 x metal ball
1 x trailer
1 x spindle and magnetic ‘hook’
instructions & guide