Super Magnet Lab


Suggested Age:  5+

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  • Experience magnets firsthand
  • Perfect for small groups and class activities
  • Includes 119 magnetic pieces
  • 5 suggested activities great for primary school children

Get hands-on with the Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab and explore magnets and their properties. This kit includes everything you need to conduct a range of activities.

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Everyone can get hands on with this huge magnet experiment set !

Discover the wonders of magnetism with the Super Magnet Lab Kit by Learning Resources. This mega experimentation kit includes everything you need to conduct a range of activities designed to explore magnets and their properties. The kit includes a 6 page booklet containing magnet facts, 5 exercises and a glossary. The activities are geared towards a primary school classroom setting, although these can be adapted for individual use.

Please note some extra household items are required to complete the activities e.g: string, rulers, cardboard and paper.

Weight 1020 g
Dimensions 230 × 90 × 150 mm

The re-usable box includes:
7 x Magnetic wands
5 x Magnetic marbles
2 x Bar magnets
2 x Ring magnets
100 Magnetic chips
2 x Mini metal horseshoe magnets
1 x Small plastic horseshoe magnet
6 page activity guide