Penguins On Ice


Suggested Age:  6+

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  • Single player logic game
  • Place the ice on the board
  • Penguins must be in the right spot!
  • Pentomino pieces that change shape
  • 60 challenges from easy to expert

Penguins On Ice is a 1 player logic puzzle for children and adults. Put the pieces of morphing ice on the board and position the penguins in place.

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Place the blocks of ice onto the board with each penguin in the correct position.

This chilly challenge sounds simple, but Penguins On Ice includes 5 pentomino puzzle pieces that can change shape! The morphing parts add an extra dimension to this single player logic puzzle. The 60 challenges are split into 4 levels of difficulty from easy to expert. Smart Games Penguins On Ice is designed to challenge critical thinking skills, improve visual perception and exercise non-verbal reasoning skills. In the box you’ll find: 1 x high quality plastic playing board, 5 x chunky puzzle pieces and 60 challenges.

Weight 690 g
Dimensions 240 × 240 × 70 mm