Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit


Suggested Age:  7+

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  • Make & bake your own erasers
  • Clay won't dry out
  • Mix the colours for a variety of hues
  • Use as a rubber or give as a gift!

Kids can make and bake their own erasers and pencil toppers with this colourful kit! The kit comes with 12 different colours that won’t dry out.

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Create your own erasers and pencil toppers with this easy to use kit!

Children can mould and shape the clay into what ever design they fancy. Will it be monsters? Cupcakes? Monster cupcakes?! The only limit is their imagination. Once done, kids can bake their creations to fix them. Leave to cool, then you’re ready to start erasing!  The ‘clay’ used in this kit doesn’t dry out and the colours can be mixed for a wide range of hues. They make great presents for friends or just for your own pencil case.

Please note: You will need an oven and greaseproof paper to bake the erasers.


Weight 320 g
Dimensions 205 × 135 × 20 mm

Plastic storage case

216g of eraser clay in 12 x colours.