Thinkfun Gravity Maze


Suggested Age:  8+

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  • Test your logic skills with this marble maze!
  • 60 challenges to beat
  • Multi-level difficulty from beginner to expert
  • Develop logic and spatial skills
  • Single player brainteaser

Can you build a path to guide the marble through the maze? Use gravity and your brain to help the marble escape!

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Test your puzzling skills with this marble madness!

Pick a challenge and set up the puzzle as indicated on the card. Build a pathway using the towers to get the marble to roll into the target. If you get it in the target you win! But with twisty, winding and interchangeable pieces, it’s not as easy as it looks! Players will have to test and adapt their designs. This single-player logic game also doubles up as a freeform marble run builder. With 60 challenges to try, this fun maze game will get your brain going!
Weight 805 g
Dimensions 270 × 240 × 75 mm

1 game grid

10 gravity maze towers

3 stainless steel marbles

60 challenge cards, from beginner to expert