View-Thru Geometric Shapes


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  • Learn about 3D geometry
  • 14 see-through relational shapes
  • Removable bases to measure volume!
  • Shapes range from 3 - 6cm

Introduce children to shapes and geometry with this colourful transparent set. They even have removable bases to explore volume as well!

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Get to grips with shapes!

These colourful geometric solids are transparent to let children see all angles and vertices of the shapes. Specifically designed by Learning Resources to introduce geometry, they offer children the opportunity to explore measurement, area, volume and capacity. They all come with removable bases, letting children experiment with volumes, by filling the shapes with liquids or solids. They can also relate the 3D shapes to the 2D ones, by comparing the shape to the base. Shapes are relational and measure 3cm (small) and 6cm (large). Includes Activity Guide.

Weight 460 g
Dimensions 264 × 191 × 69 mm

Includes large rectangle, small rectangle, large cube, small cube, large cylinder, small cylinder, large rectangular prism, small rectangular, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, hexagonal prism, sphere, cone and hemisphere.