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Tobar Mini Springy Gadget Toy

Old fashioned gift ideas for Christmas

We love toys here at Fun Learning, especially those we grew up with! So we’ve got our rose tinted glasses on today to suggest some blasts from the past with a list of  old fashioned nostalgic toys that will always make a great gift idea for Christmas.

Take a look at these toys and games from yesteryears.

Retro Twister – £18.00

Family fun as you twist and turn to get your hands or feet on the correct coloured circles. This replica set comes with the original packaging and illustrations from way back in 1966. Might be best to not play this while you’re full of Christmas dinner, though!

Contents from the Retro Twister set Replica of the original 1966 Twister family game

Janod Pull Along Duck Family – £15.75

This new take on a iconic design is adorable. The duck’s flappy feet spin round as they are pulled along. Made by French toy company Janod, this set definitely has that “je ne sais quoi!”

Children's Wooden pull along duck toy Wooden pull along duck toy that moves as it's pulled


Shut The Box  – £8.75

A classic pub game that can be enjoyed at home. Just roll the dice and flip the tiles down. If you can ‘shut the box’ you win! Great for developing children’s confidence with maths while having fun.

Shut The Box Game contents Shut The Box Game - box front

Great Box of Magic – £10.00

Magic is such a christmasy kind of toy. Preforming tricks in front of the family, wanna-be magicians will find this set to be a great introduction to the topic. With tricks to preform using the included items, theres lots of extension activities for kids to construct their own magic tricks!

Great Box of Magic  Great Box of Magic 

Magnetic Darts – £12.00

Darts is such a fun and competitive game, that encourages math skills! These darts are magnetic and easily stick to the board, so no more damaged walls.  The board itself rolls up for easy storage. A modern twist on an ageless classic.

Close up of dart sticking to a Magnetic Dartboard Roll up magnetic dart board for children with 6 darts and string to hang

Pirate & Fairy Skittles – £10.50

Bowl over the pins over to win with these colourful wooden figures! The charming wooden figures can be used to play skittles or as chunky characters for play.

Mini fairy themed bowling game with 6 colourful wooden pins and ball Children's miniature wooden pirate skittles game with 6 colourful pins and ball

Time Shock – £11.00

Time Shock is a race against the clock to fit all the pieces into the board. Sounds easy right? Theres only one matching spot for each piece, and you’ve only got 50 seconds to find them all! This game doesn’t need batteries, you just wind it up. Retro to the max!

Pop up shape game against the clock with wind up mechanism and storage compartment


And finally a few silly little bits, in case that stocking isn’t full

Mini Springy – £1.75

Traditional bendy springy fun with this mini slinker. Kids will enjoy stretching and tumbling it!

Mini Springy Classic retro mini walking spring toy made of metal

Kaleidoscope – £3.75

An old school christmas present, full of colourful geometric patterns that shift and change as you turn the viewing part on the front. It’s sure to bring wonder to all who look through it.

View through a KaleidoscopeThick cardboard kaleidoscope with colourful beads that create unique patterns every time you turn it

Cat’s Cradle – £1.25

Children can get their fingers in knots with this cat’s cradle. Comes with instructions to make some easy cradles to get kids started, but maybe the grandparents will know how to make a few patterns themselves!

Children's classic cat's cradle string playground game with instructions printed on the packaging


We’ve got loads more great gift ideas for children and teens. We can gift wrap your choices and post them directly.