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Sunshine and a young boy is smiling

Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

Sunshine and a young boy is smiling

Get outdoors this summer and make the most of the sunshine! Going on holiday? Make the long journey easier with our tech-free travel tips. Wherever you planning to go this summer we’ve got a variety of fun toys to encourage your little ones out into the garden, park or beach.

Stay cool with a splash around!

In the heat of the summer, there’s nothing better than cooling down with a splash of water or going for a swim. But if you can’t get to the beach, then bring the sea into the garden with these fun active toys. Just stay out of the firing line if you don’t want to get wet! One of our favourites for this time of year is the Splash Timer Game. You wind it up and then toss it between everyone playing, but beware as it ticks down, you won’t want to be the last one holding it, as it will pop the balloon contained inside and create a big splosh! No batteries required, this game works on good old clock work.

Box front - Tobar Splash Timer Water Balloon Game      Outdoor water balloon splash timer game with 10 water bombs

We’ve also got a classic outdoors activity fun that’s exciting and refreshing! Reusable water bombs! The  Splash Octopus’s  head has a sponge inside, just dunk it in water and throw it! It’s made from silicone and can be taken into the pool or bath. Lots of shrieking and diving for cover with this old school (but new) soaker.

Keycraft Splash Octopuses our of their packaging     Squeezing a splash octopus

Fill your garden with bubbles!

Make a bubble wonder land with a bottle of  Giant Bubble Mix. It makes huge bubbles, with no mixing or washing up liquid required. The bubbles will be bigger than the kids. They’ll be running around marvelling at the rainbow shimmers, or just popping them all!

Front view of the bottler for Bubble Bonkaz Giant Bubble Solution      Two children making giant bubbles as an example of the Bubble Bonkaz Giant Bubble Solution in action

Don’t just lounge around in the sun this holiday, hop, skip and throw your way to fun!

Young children can toss and throw these Beanbags for safe catching and throwing games. Create your own targets by writing on paper plates or cardboard boxes and award points for who can hit them. We really like this idea of using a ladder and using the gaps between the rungs as throwing targets! There’s also some lots of great ideas for bean bag games here. Our favourite is the tic-tac-toe toss game. Who doesn’t love a competitive game everyone can get involved with, even Grandma can toss some beanbags.

A similar concept is the Comet Lawn Darts, it comes with everything you need to get playing. The darts are not your traditional dart, but soft foam balls, with long material tails. You throw them by grasping the tail and launching them with an upwards throw. These fox tail lawn darts will sail through the air!

Older children can throw some rings down at the park with our Flying Ring Frisbee. Make your own game of frisbee golf, or have a go at Ultimate frisbee if you’ve got enough friends and family on hand. The rules for Ultimate Frisbee are simple, and easy to learn.

Set of 4 Henbrandt Bean Bags     Front of box for Comet Lawn Darts     Mavrix Flying Ring in packaging

If you’re looking for an activity that you won’t have to fish out of a tree, then we’ve got more traditional garden games like Croquet. This is a colourful set, with a mini mallet and cute animal targets. Hit the balls through the hoops to win!

Animal themed croquet garden games set for children     Animal Croquet Garden Games Set, box

If you want something even simpler, then hop about the garden with this retro Spacehopper. Bouncy silly fun that even comes with it’s own pump! This is a great space hopper for for children aged 6 years and up due to it’s size.

bounce and hop with this fun outdoor toy space hopper      inflatable fun with this outdoor retro space hopper     Pump comes included with this this kids's bouncy retro space hopper

Looking for more holiday inspiration? We’ve helped Thomas Cook to make an even bigger list of gadgets and puzzles to take away this holiday.

Theres also our Outdoor Section for more active toys and games. And if you’re feeling too hot to jump about, we’ve got loads of great creative kits in our Arts and Crafts Category to keep kids busy under the sunshade this summer.

We hope you have a great summer holidays!

Photo Credit: Nord3k Flickr via Compfight cc